Bus Hire Canberra

Looking for a local transportation service that offers safe, friendly and cost-effective bus hire? Canberra Coaches offers a great range of charter bus services for groups big and small. Whether you're off for a corporate Christmas party and need to transport all the staff, or you want a friendly and safe bus driver for the school bus, there's no better name than Canberra Coaches. For more information about how you can save money on your next bus charter, call Canberra Coaches today!

Travelling with a group can be exciting, but it can also be completely nerve-wrecking to organise each person getting to their destination at the right time. Canberra Coaches has the perfect online booking service to ensure that you arrive on time and under budget when you hire a bus with a driver with us. For more information about how you and your group can travel in style with our Canberra bus charter, call us now.